Elizabeth Bonet on Hypnosis and Perinatal Anxiety

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Can Hypnosis Help Anxiety?

Sometimes motherhood can feel overwhelming. In this episode of Woman Worriers, host Elizabeth Cush interviews Elizabeth Bonet, a clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety and perinatal mood disorders, about new moms, anxiety and depression — and how hypnosis can help.

“Something like 80% of women had compulsive fears in the first 6 months after the baby was born.”
— Elizabeth Bonet, PhD.

Show Notes:

From “the glow of pregnancy” to “being a mom will come naturally,” our culture paints a rosy picture of motherhood, but says little about the anxiety, depression and overwhelm that so many women experience. In this episode of the Woman Worriers podcast, host Elizabeth Cush, of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., interviews Elizabeth Bonet, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist from Hollywood, Fla., who works with couples and pre- and post-natal moms, especially those who experience anxiety or perinatal mood disorders. “Dr. Liz” as she is know to clients and listeners, talks about navigating what can be a challenging time in life and how she uses hypnosis in her practice to help women reduce their anxiety.

Listen and learn:

  • How hypnosis and meditation are similar and how they’re different

  • How hypnosis is — and isn’t — different than the way you might have seen it portrayed

  • How different types of hyponosis are used in counseling

  • The biggest advantage of using hypnosis vs. talk therapy alone

  • How hypnosis helps heal childhood trauma

  • Why women with no history of depression have a harder time asking for pre-/postnatal help

  • How to distinguish between “baby blues” and post-partum depression

  • Why you might not be head over heels in love with your baby immediately

  • Quick Tip: How rolling your eyes can help relieve anxiety

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