Robert Cox on Changing the Culture of Sexual Assault

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The #MeToo Backlash & Fear of Change

Will life really be harder for men after #meToo? In this episode of “Woman Worriers,” Annapolis-based therapist Elizabeth Cush talks with Robert Cox, of Life Recovery Consulting, about how the white patriarchal response to women’s accusations of abuse and sexual assault is impacting survivors and victims — and what needs to change.

You don’t take what you want. You don’t do that at Walmart. You don’t do it with your girlfriend.
— Robert Cox

Show Notes:

When we’re faced with danger, our brains are hard-wired for making fast decisions — not for reasoning or remembering. That’s why a sexual assault victim may not remember the event until years later — and why those in power use fear to retain control over others. In this episode of Woman Worriers, therapist Elizabeth Cush, of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., and Robert Cox, of Life Recovery Consulting, offer insights into recent events in and around Washington, D.C., that have increased women’s and trauma survivors’ anxiety and what we, as a culture and a community, can do better.

Listen and learn:

  • Why victims of sexual assault are treated differently than victims of other crimes

  • How women, children and people of color are still viewed as property

  • Why women don’t have the same rights as men

  • How the brain reacts to and manages trauma — and how that affects memory of the traumatic event

  • How trauma is stored in the body

  • Why a smell, an image or a physical sensation can trigger a traumatic memory — and why it feels so immediate

  • How your socio-economic class determines your rights

  • The roots of the “Old Boys Network”

  • What Leo Tolstoy can teach us about social justice and overwhelm

  • How families can raise boys and men who aren’t afraid of the #MeToo movement

  • What some men are really afraid of

  • Why people in power use fear-based propaganda — and why it’s effective

  • What Bishop Desmond Tutu can teach us about hope

  • How community, mindfulness and media diets can help us get through challenging times

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