Nicole Burgess On Introverted Women

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Exploring Introversion, Shyness and Anxiety

If you’ve ever wondered whether you might be an introvert, this episode of “Woman Worriers” is for you. Creator, host and Annapolis-based therapist Elizabeth Cush talks with Nicole Burgess, LMFT, an empowerment mentor for introverted women, about what it means to be an introvert, how anxiety impacts you if you are introverted, and how introverted women can take care of themselves.

There’s a lot of strength in being an introvert.
— Nicole Burgess

Show Notes:

If you’re anxious, does that mean you’re an introvert? Does being an introvert means you’re shy? In this episode of Woman Worriers, therapist Elizabeth Cush, of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., and Nicole Burgess—a marriage and family therapist and life coach, an empowerment mentor for introverted women, and an introvert herself— clear up many myths and misperceptions about introversion. They also talk about how introverted women can come to find and embrace their unique strengths and find the quiet groundedness they crave.

Listen and learn:

  • The difference between introversion and shyness

  • The difference between introversion and social anxiety

  • What happens when introverted women try to live like extroverts

  • Why introverted women might experience anxiety

  • How to stop listening to the Fear Gremlins

  • Why introverted women shouldn’t fall for the Superwoman hype

  • How introverted women can fall into the people-pleasing trap

  • How introverted women can bring more harmony into their lives—using index cards

  • The value of reviewing your values

  • What self-care looks like for an introvert

  • How the whole family can benefit when an introverted woman takes time to restore and rejuvenate

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