How Horses Can Help You Heal

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Charlotte Hiler Easley on Equine-assisted Therapy

Whether you grew up wanting a pony or know nothing about the equine world, you’ll find this episode of Woman Worriers to be fascinating. Host Elizabeth Cush talks with Charlotte Hiler Easley about horses as healers.

Horses have that ability to support us even before we know we need support.
— Charlotte Hiler Easlery

Show Notes:

A classic TV theme song proclaimed, “A horse is a horse, of course of course.” But to women with anxiety or survivors of sexual trauma, a horse can also be a powerful partner in the healing process. In this episode of the Woman Worriers podcast, host Elizabeth Cush, LCPC, of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., interviews Charlotte Hiler Easley, LCSW, a Kentucky-based therapist and equine specialist in mental health and learning. They talk about using horses in therapy for trauma and anxiety and the lessons we can learn from these animals that are so in the moment.

Listen and learn:

  • Why horses can help us accept our emotions and find our voice

  • How horses listen and why it’s helpful

  • Why therapy with horses is different than therapy with dogs

  • The lessons of herd behavior

  • What we can learn from a horse’s response to a potential threat

  • How a horse’s attunement to our emotional state can help us recognize and understand what’s going on with us

  • Why you don’t need any horse experience to benefit from equine-assisted therapy

  • The most powerful aspect of connecting with a horse in therapy

  • How horses help us to be curious

  • How horses can help us get in touch with our playful side

  • What horses can bring to our practice of mindfulness

  • How we benefit from a horse’s lack of judging

  • How equine therapy is similar to traditional therapy and how it’s different

  • How horses can challenge our drive to perfectionism


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