The Impact of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

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Elizabeth Cush on Emotional Abuse

Following last week’s powerful podcast on domestic violence homicide, Woman Worriers host Elizabeth Cush shares her personal insights into emotionally abusive relationships and their long-lasting impact.

It was an emotional roller coaster designed to keep me off balance.
— Elizabeth Cush

Show Notes:

In a Woman Worriers podcast on domestic violence homicide, award-winning journalist Rachel Louise Snyder noted that some forms of violence do not leave visible bruises. In this week’s episode, host Elizabeth Cush, LCPC, a licensed professional therapist and founder of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., points out that not all abusive relationships are physically violent. She shares her own personal experience and insights into the dynamics of emotionally abusive relationships, the shame and secrecy surrounding them and their long-term impact. She also talks about her journey to healing and the tools that she has used—and continues to use—to heal and accept all parts of her life’s story.

Listen and learn:

  • The impacts that an emotionally abusive relationship can have long after it’s over

  • Why we’re afraid to talk about what’s going on

  • Why it’s important to talk about emotional abuse

  • How emotional abusers control their partners

  • Why we stay in emotionally abusive relationships—and what we tell ourselves

  • The cycle of insecurity, abuse, shame and self-blame

  • What it feels like to be in an emotionally abusive relationship

  • How to put a history of emotional abuse into perspective

  • Practices that can help you heal from the trauma of emotional abuse

  • Why it’s important to share stories of emotional abuse


Learn More

> No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence by Rachel Louise Snyder

> Danger Assessment website

> Danger Assessment tools and resources

> Lethality Assessment Program

> National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

> National Domestic Violence Hotline website and chat

> Progression Counseling


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