Are Expectations Making You Anxious? You Bet!

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Agnes Wainman, PhD, Says “Screw Expectations”

Are expectations making you miserable? In this episode of Woman Worriers, host Elizabeth Cush and Agnes Wainman, PhD, talk about how trying to live up to unrealistic expectations drives stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

You weren’t born with the expectation that you have to throw Pinterest-worthy birthday parties for your children.
— Agnes Wainman, PhD

Show Notes:

“I have to be a size 6.” “I have to have children.” “I have to stick with my career.” “My children have to live up to their potential.” How many of those thoughts have you had? Has it ever occurred to you that the expectations you’re trying to live up to are getting in the way of the life you really want to lead? In this In this episode of the Woman Worriers podcast, host Elizabeth Cush, of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., welcomes back Agnes Wainman, PhD, of London Psychological Services, for a conversation about how unrealistic expectations are making women sick, miserable and fed up—and why women should say, “Screw expectations.”

Listen and learn:

  • Where expectations come from—and why they’re so insidious

  • How our culture and our family of origin shape our expectations

  • Why women need to stop wearing “Busy” like a badge of honor

  • Why you might need to say “No” more often—and how expectations make it tougher for women to do so

  • Why you can check everything off the list and still not be happy—and why being happy isn’t the real issue

  • Which ideas we might need to let go of in order to lead a more fulfilling life

  • 7 common expectations that make many of us miserable

  • 3 different levels of unrealistic expectations

  • How the Expectation Discrepancy Syndrome shows up in women’s lives

  • Why we sometimes try to live up to expectations even when we know that doing so is hurting us

  • Why we need to challenge our expectations and assumptions—and exactly how to do it

  • What we should be teaching our children about emotions

  • How expectations disconnect us from our body and our feelings

  • How mindfulness helps us make more conscious choices


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