Anxiety, Mindful Awareness and… Your Pelvic Floor?

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Leslie Howard on Pelvic Liberation

Women have sex and babies, but somehow the topic of the pelvis is rarely on the table. That changes with this episode of Woman Worriers, when host Elizabeth Cush interviews Leslie Howard about her book Pelvic Liberation.

Every pelvis has a story.
— Leslie Howard

Show Notes:

Many of us of a certain age assume that it’s normal to leak a little urine when we laugh. We’re embarrassed to talk about painful sex. And doesn’t everyone else’s vagina smell flowery fresh? This week’s episode of the Woman Worriers podcast brings pelvic health into the light. Host Elizabeth Cush, LCPC, of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., welcomes Leslie Howard, a regular contributor to Yoga Journal and author of the book Pelvic Liberation. They shatter some myths surrounding our sexual organs, talk openly about problems with the pelvis and share tips that can help women empower themselves to take charge of their pelvic health for better physical and emotional well-being.

Listen and learn:

  • Why it can be helpful to look at what our body has experienced

  • Why life is harder on a woman’s pelvis than a man’s

  • What the pelvic floor is, what it does and why it’s so important

  • Why we might be anxious and unable to calm ourselves if our pelvic floor is clenched

  • The important connection between the pelvic floor, the breath and our emotions

  • Symptoms that might mean your pelvic floor muscles are too tight

  • Why your gynecologist might not be the best healthcare provider to address your pelvic pain—and who you should see about it

  • Why the pelvic floor might be too tight, too loose—or both

  • The problem with Kegel exercises

  • Why yoga can be a powerful tool in pelvic healing

  • Where to find more information on the femaie pelvis and pelvic yoga


Learn More

> Pelvic Floor Yoga™ with Leslie Howard website

> Yoga classes and Pelvic Floor Yoga™ workshops 

> Pelvic Liberation by Leslie Howard

> Isa Herrera’s pelvic pain resources

> Tami Lynn Kent’s Wild Feminine website

> Jamie McCartney’s The Great Wall of Vagina

> Fall mindfulness groups for women in Anne Arundel County, Md.

> Progression Counseling


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