Nazanin Moali, PhD on Sexuality, Addiction and Anxiety

Does anxiety affect sexual relationships? In this episode of Woman Worriers, host Elizabeth Cush and her guest, Nazanin Moali, PhD, talk about the different ways that anxiety might shape your sex life.

Elizabeth Cush, LCPC on Mindful Meditation

You’ve probably heard about mindful meditation — and the positive impact it can have on your physical and mental health. Elizabeth Cush, creator and host of Woman Worriers, takes the mystery out of mindfulness and offers an easy “how-to” on mindful meditation.

Elizabeth Cush On Mindfulness

Many guests on the “Woman Worriers” podcast talk about mindfulness as a tool to manage anxiety. But what is mindfulness, really? In this episode, “Woman Worriers” host Elizabeth Cush, MA, LCPC, explains what mindfulness is all about and why it’s helpful and shares an easy 5-minute mindfulness practice. 

Multitasking, Anxiety and Mindfulness

Are you juggling multiple roles? Frequently multi-tasking? In this episode of “Woman Worriers,” Annapolis-based therapist Elizabeth Cush talks with Dalila Jusic-LaBerge, a California-based therapist, about how high-functioning women experience anxiety, what you can do to manage it and how to get a free e-book to help you find your power.