1. Where are you located?

My counseling office is located at 915 Bay Ridge Ave in Annapolis, Md.

2. What goes on in counseling?

We talk, laugh, cry, celebrate victories and process troubled experiences. A lot of what happens depends on you and what your goals are. I'll be present with you in each session, listening, supporting, providing insight, and encouraging you as you progress through your journey.

3. How often do we meet?

This depends on both of our schedules! Initially, I recommend once per week. It helps us build a therapeutic relationship and that allows the work to progress more quickly.

4. Do you tell my doctors or family what goes on in therapy?

Only if you want me to. If there are concerns that you feel should be communicated directly to your physician or family I'm happy to do it, but I'll only share what you want me to. There are some exceptions/limitations on what information is shared and with whom, but that can be discussed in greater detail when you begin therapy.

5. Do I have to lie on a couch and talk the whole time?

You can lie down if that is comfortable for you but most people prefer to sit upright. You'll probably do most of the talking, but I won’t sit silently. I'll provide support, education, encouragement, and humor when appropriate. I might also guide you in a meditation from time to time if you're game!  

6. Are you going to try to tell me what to do or how to think?

Nope, I'll work with you towards a solution if you are having a tough time navigating a problem, but only you know how you feel and how best to handle things.

7. How does therapy help?

What a great question! Therapy can help you to manage your stress and anxiety in more healthy ways. It can expand your tool kit with alternative coping and relaxation strategies. It can provide a safe, non-judgmental space to process painful life experiences, giving you a chance to heal.

8. Do you see couples? Or children?

No I don’t. I do individual and group therapy.  If you need couple's or children's therapy I have amazing colleagues who I can refer you to.

9. Do you take insurance?

No, I don't take insurance. I'm an out of network provider and I take flexible spending, or health savings credit cards.

10. How much do your services cost?

$120-175 per session for individuals. Prices vary for Group therapy. I accept Cash, Checks or Credit Cards, including FSA and HSA cards. Financial concerns? I'm also affiliated with Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, a nonprofit leader in helping people access affordable, high quality psychotherapy services.

If you don't see the answers to your questions see my About page, or my Home page.

If you're ready to make some changes, to live your life with more purpose, to feel more connected to yourself and others I'm ready to work with you!