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Working one-on-one

If you’re struggling with anxiety, you feel over-stressed and overwhelmed individual therapy can help. Together we will work to help you better understand and manage your anxiety so that you can live your life feeling more connected to yourself and others. Therapy can help you live your life with more intention, purpose and fulfillment.

In sessions we will explore the lifetime experiences that contributed in making you the person you are. Through this exploration you better understand your triggers — the things that activate your anxiety — and help to figure out what strategies work best for you. The process allows you the get to know yourself more deeply.

In sessions with me I provide a safe, non-judgmental supportive experience. I am a trauma informed therapist that utilizes mindfulness to help you discover how your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations contribute to your moment-to-moment experience.

If you have questions about working with me individually and would like to schedule a 15-minute consultation please contact me!