Guided Meditations

The following are a few guided meditations. I do my best to edit out peripheral noise but there might be sounds like dogs barking or fire engines (I live in a city and where I record is right across from the fire station) and I hope this isn't too distracting. If you'd like to get your FREE Get Started Meditating Guide please fill out this form.

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3-Minute Meditation

I like this meditation because it's easy to do any time of the day when you have a few minutes.

morning sunrise

Guided Self-Compassion Meditation

This meditation is useful when you're feeling down about yourself. If you find you're beating yourself up over mistakes you've made, or things you've said or done this can help sooth you in those moments.


Body Scan

The body scan takes about 10 minutes. It's useful in relaxing your body any time day or night.


3-minute breath awareness

This is a quick, mindful breathing technique that with practice can help calm you in times of stress.




Listening Meditation

This mindful listening meditation is about 5 minutes long. It can be done at home, work, or wherever you are.


Guided Imagery

This guided imagery uses your 5 senses to help you feel grounded in a safe comfortable place.