Online or Telementalhealth therapy

There are times when in person therapy is difficult if not impossible. Weather, distance, and scheduling can all play a part in the difficulties of meeting in the therapist’s office.

Online therapy allows you to meet with your therapist via an online, video platform from the comfort of your own home, office or other private space.

Some Things To Consider

For online therapy to be effective:

  • There should be reliable WIFI connectivity.

  • The room where you’ll be should be comfortable and private. Where you won’t be overheard.

  • If you’re in extreme distress or in crisis online therapy might not be the best option for you.

  • Technology isn’t 100% foolproof. There might be technical glitches that make online therapy difficult and alternative methods might need to be used from time-to-time.

  • You need to live in Maryland to do online therapy with me.

If you’d like more information or have questions about online therapy please feel free to contact me!